Education Consulting

In partnership with global collaborators, we meticulously design top-tier digital teaching and learning programs. Our offerings extend to courses, training, workshops, and resource materials, all curated and designed to enhance the educational experience.

Instructional Design & Development

Enlist us as your dedicated team to craft immersive learning journeys, tailored specifically for your institution or workplace.

Media Design & Development

Who said learning can't be fun? We bring learning to life with vibrant videos, interactives, striking graphics, and immersive simulations, all designed to ignite a passion for learning.

Content Creation & Ghostwriting

We partner with academics, industry professionals, and content producers to craft tailored content suited to your specific requirements based on provided resources, collaboration, and comprehensive research.


About Our Agency

Your Digital Teaching and Learning Team

Arcadia leadership works with you to understand and assess your online, or digital teaching and learning, needs. Oftentimes colleges, universities, non-profits, and corporations know that they need online learning, but don't know where to start.  At Arcadia, we help you to establish an educational strategy for digital learning by examining five major areas: strategy, technology needs, curriculum/content, operational needs, and communications.

Solutions vary from partner to partner, and Arcadia is invested in helping you establish a foundation for success whether that is to launch fully online or blended courses for the first time or to modernize your existing digital learning efforts.  We can help you identify the right student experience and curriculum to set you apart while remaining compliant with regulatory or professional accrediting bodies.

Arcadia team members have worked with over 120 education, nonprofit, and corporate partners in 30+ countries.

Arcadia World Map 2023

Arcadia crafts expert, international digital teaching and learning teams who make your education and online learning goals their own to help you achieve meaningful results. Our team is unique in that most of our consultants have been collaborating for between 5 and 10 years spanning roles, responsibilities, domains of study, countries, team structures, and types of educational development in both education and professional training and development. This long-term collaboration and flexibility allows for seamless collaboration across functions and time zones. Aside from a passion for the field, the team members all share the belief that the education of one person can change the lives of many.

We can be your team...

Are you thinking about going online or improving the quality of your current offerings? Contact us to start the conversation!